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The link to the abstract e-book is found below:

The Lester Eastman Conference on High Performance Devices is a biennial conference. It was officially renamed in 2002 from the IEEE-Cornell Conference on High Performance Devices to honor Professor Lester Eastman, a pioneer in the field of high performance devices based on compound semiconductors. In 1967, Professor Eastman originated the biennial IEEE-Cornell Conference in Microwave Semiconductors shortly after he started GaAs research at Cornell in 1965. The conference was later renamed the IEEE-Cornell Conference on High Performance Devices. Professor Eastman graduated 125 Ph.D. students, more than 40 M.S. students, and hosted more than 80 postdocs and visiting scientists between 1958 and 2010. Some of the legendary contributions from the Eastman group include high quality GaAs epitaxy, delta-doping, the first lattice-matched InGaAs channel HEMT, T-gate, ballistic devices and polarization effects in GaN.
In memory of Professor Eastman’s passing in 2013, the 2014 conference will feature a special technical session with invited speakers to honor his technical contributions to the industry in the high performance compound semiconductor device area.

Papers that emphasize innovative device concepts and physical phenomena leading to new devices are particularly encouraged. Specifically, papers are solicited covering, but not limited to, the following technical areas:

  • High Speed Devices, Low-Power Switches and IRMMW-THz (high frequency electronics and optoelectronics; low power and energy efficient switches; quantum cascade lasers; photodetectors; Schottky and BWO devices; photomixers; waveguides; metamaterials)

  • Power Conversion, Switching and Transmission (high efficiency/flexible photovoltaics; high power electronics/switching; normally-off devices)

  • On-Chip Thermal Management (thermal management for high performance microwave & millimeter-wave electronics and optoelectronics; measurement techniques/packaging)

  • “Green” Photonic Technology (photonic devices and systems designed to have reduced energy consumption or to improve energy efficiency; visible/UV LEDs for lighting/displays; ultraviolet LEDs for water/air/surface purification and bioscience/monitoring/instrumentation; photonic techniques for energy generation and transmission; high quantum efficiency photodetectors/avalanche photodiodes)

  • Next-Generation Devices (new materials; 2-D crystals; oxides; topological insulators; nanoelectronics; nanophotonics; plasmonics; spintronics; MEMS; Si photonics)

Grayed out menu items are still under construction. More details to come ....

( The 2012 LEC webite is now found at http://www.leconf.com/2012/ )